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02/04/2004Greeks give Compton nod for SBP 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
02/06/2004IFC endorsement article used misleading headline (letter) 8  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
04/18/1970IFC Raising Money For Upward Bound 4  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
05/05/1970IFC Modifies Gag Rules For Frosh 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/05/1960Delta Upsilon Cops Scholastic Trophy From IFC 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
04/14/2004DTH wrong to single out IFC fraternities in hazing piece (letter) 12  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/19/1960Grigg Encourages Higher Standards, Ideals In IFC 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/10/1968Ministry Spurs IFC Talks 3  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/13/1960IFC Delegates Reminded Of Group Responsibilities 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
01/12/1961UNC Greeks Sell Algerian Coupons To Assist Refugees With Food, Medical Supplies: Panhellenic, IFC Combine In Sale Of Coupons At 25c Per This Week 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/25/1968IFC Discusses Conference, Membership 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
02/18/1961The Infraternity Council: It Is Not Doing Its Duty 2  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
03/01/1961IFC Elects Officers, Court Members 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/08/1968Frats Discuss Conference 7  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
04/12/1961Deferred Rush: It Must Come From The IFC 2  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/23/1968IFC Fills Court Positions 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
08/25/2004IFC kicks off rush season 3  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/05/1968IFC Proposes Guidance System 5  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
09/14/2004IFC pleased upon rush's end 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
02/27/1969IFC Elects Gray Chairman 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/01/1961IFC Hears Deferred Rush Proposal; To Start In 1963: Plan To Hold Rush One Semester Late 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/12/1961Deferred Rush: Crucial Decision For IFC 2  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/28/1961IFC Passes Deferred Rush 1  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/11/2004Officials tout success of hazing rules 3  INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
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