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08/31/1994Seniors give gift to inter-faith council 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
06/16/1994IFC Gets Computer Grant to Help Service Shelters 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
03/19/1999Inter-Faith Council Plans Expansion 1  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
10/26/1998Inter-Faith Council 'Successful' in 1998 1  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
01/30/2003Lobbying for IFC projcet proves tough 1  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
06/14/1990IFC Shelter to reopen for guests... 4  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
11/14/2003Residents get to fill stomachs, IFC's coffers 2  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
01/16/2004IFC shelter secures stop in Carrboro 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
02/06/2004Doctors reach out to homeless 7  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
02/20/2004Shelter to close its doors at start of warm weather 2  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
08/23/2004IFC still seeks fixed home for shelter 8  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
08/30/2004Shelter relocation hits another snag 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
09/13/2004Homeless shelter reopens 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
09/15/2004Community, shelter group kick off talks 1  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
09/16/2004Editorial: Home of their own 10  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
09/20/2004Residents stand firm on IFC 2  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
10/04/2004IFC, residents of Pine Knolls to square off 4  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
10/05/2004Pine Knolls residents, IFC discuss shelter face-to-face 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
10/08/2004IFC presents shelter plans to school board 4  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
10/29/2004IFC praises Moran's service 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
11/15/2004Shelter incites heated debate 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
11/16/2004Group tackles myriad biases 3  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
12/07/2004IFC adds new site to shelter list 9  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
02/23/2010Tweet for Tuna: IFC Uses Net to seek donations 1  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
10/11/2010IFC food pantry serves 3,000 1  INTER-FAITH COUNCIL (IFC)
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