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04/16/2002Blame the university, not the builder for affordable housing woes [Letter] 8  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
04/15/2004Charity seeks UNC houses 2  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
12/02/2011Empty dorm beds tied to economy 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
01/19/2012Plans for new student housing move forward 1  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
11/30/2009More workers to live in town 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
11/17/2009Middle-income homes planned 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
03/25/2013Collins Crossing sends eviction notice 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
04/07/2008SBP aims to address housing 3  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
12/01/2008Ed: Student housing needed 5  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
03/24/2015Council approves affordable housing fund 1  AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNC
03/18/1993Housing diversity plan gets few applications 1  HOUSING, UNC
03/26/1999Old East, West Men Are Not All Opposed To Life With Women (letter) 8  HOUSING, UNC
03/27/2002Students camp out for rooms 3  HOUSING, UNC
08/22/2000Residence Halls Get Touch-Ups 11a  HOUSING, UNC
03/30/1998UNC's condition scares off potential students 12  HOUSING, UNC
09/20/2001Open House: University keeping dorms open during Fall Break 16  HOUSING, UNC
11/19/1998Housing to Turn Illegal Policy Into Voluntary Smoking Ban 1  HOUSING, UNC
04/13/2000Old East, Old West Prepare for women 1  HOUSING, UNC
10/23/2002Complex To House Students 3  HOUSING, UNC
11/04/1998RHA Tour Hones in on Housing Problems 7  HOUSING, UNC
09/07/2001University, town officials question housing proposal 3  HOUSING, UNC
09/21/1998RHA Probes Into Housing Problems 1  HOUSING, UNC
03/26/2002Race and residence: housing choices at UNC 1  HOUSING, UNC
10/07/1997Housing board approves deposit amount increase 1  HOUSING, UNC
11/28/2001Naming for new residence halls long, complicated 7  HOUSING, UNC
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