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10/04/1971Editorial: Problems still not resolved 6  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/10/1971Survey exposes extent of problem 3  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
...Crisis: no housing 3  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/17/1970Shortage of Housing Not Easing 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/20/1970Sororities To Begin Rush On Tuesday 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/02/1971Op.Ed: UNC administration errs again 12  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
...Editorial: If administrators listened 12  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
08/31/1971Op.Ed:No vacancy: what does UNC do now? 5e  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
...Housing shortage hits Carolina 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/02/1971Housing problem:'no room for toothbrush' 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/30/1971Kepner sees end to overcrowding 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
10/16/1970Housing Shortage Won't End--Lee 2  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
11/01/1971Dorm discourse set 2  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/25/1970Housing Problems Almost Corrected 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/15/1970Housing situation critical 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
09/10/1971Meanwhile/students crowd together 3  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
01/20/2011Colleges struggle to find enough student housing 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
02/13/1963Students urged to reserve dorm rooms for Fall, Summer 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
08/04/1942Sufficient Rooms Found by Survey In Town Homes 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
08/14/1942Baptist Church, Temporary Building To House Students 1  HOUSING (SHORTAGE)
08/18/1998Editorial: No Room to Mess Up 16A  HOUSING SHORTAGE, 1998
...Freshman Influx Strains Housing 1  HOUSING SHORTAGE, 1998
08/17/1998Housing officials face old shortage problem as new year begins 1A  HOUSING SHORTAGE, 1998
08/18/1998Freshmen Put 1st in Housing Crunch 10A  HOUSING SHORTAGE, 1998
09/09/1997Lounges still accommodate 52 students 1  HOUSING SHORTAGE, UNC
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