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08/26/2003On-campus living faces great changes 18  HOUSING, UNC-CH
01/18/1962More Dorm Rooms Next Fall, But No Relief This Spring 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
02/02/1968The High Cost of High Costs To Education 2  HOUSING, UNC-CH
02/03/1968University Reveals Six Dorm Changes 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
09/18/19629,600 Students Anticipated As UNC Enters 169 th Year; 2 New Dorms Aid Housing 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
...Two New Dorms...Social, Intellectual Community: Rowan 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
...New Dorms Are Stark Contrast To Old Housing 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
09/30/1966NAACP Protests Campus Housing 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
10/13/2011Housing option considered 3  HOUSING, UNC-CH
10/06/2011Housing petition advances 3  HOUSING, UNC-CH
11/28/2011Freshmen will have to live on South Campus in 2012 3  HOUSING, UNC-CH
11/29/2011Headed South 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
...Ed: Housing goes south 8  HOUSING, UNC-CH
02/25/2010Online housing sign-up delayed 3  HOUSING, UNC-CH
10/04/2012LGBTQ pushes equal housing, benefits 4  HOUSING, UNC-CH
11/15/2012Trustees passed a vote in favor of gender-neutral housing 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
08/19/2013Gender-neutral no more 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH
09/20/2013Greenbridge lowers down payments 4  HOUSING, UNC-CH
03/26/2008Editorial: Summer at the Ram - opening Ram Village to conferences is a worth trial 12  HOUSING, UNC-CH
06/04/2009Summer housing moves south 7  HOUSING, UNC-CH
09/23/1942Rooms given all student applicants 1  HOUSING, UNC-CH