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04/09/1999Workers Challenge University 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
01/23/2003UNC Housekeepers to air complaints to chancellor 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
04/23/2001Former housekeeping director made strides for UNC workers [letter] 9  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
11/27/1996UNC, Housekeepers near end of legal battle 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
04/15/1999UNC Housekeepers To Protest Hiring 3  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
11/10/1997Changes with housekeeping reason behind poor services (letter) 10  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
08/29/1996Coalition for Econ. Just. protests lack of housekeepers 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
09/06/1996Outsourcing investigation a front, Housekeepers say 3  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
10/28/1996OP-ED: Housekeepers' work in 2 words: cleaning toilets 13  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
11/12/2001UNC houskeeper mothers students 5  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
04/21/1999Housekeeper Woes Spark Investigation of Manager 3  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
10/01/1996Lawyers pick housekeepers suit mediator 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
09/13/1996Housekeepers' supports say privatization linked to racism 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
08/23/1996Hooker pleased with Housekeepers' offer 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
09/20/1996Not all UNC-sys. houskprs battling privatization, cond. 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
11/25/1996UNC housekeepers vote to accept settlement 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
10/08/1996OP-ED: Letter writer definitely way of base, woefully ignorant 10  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
04/12/1999Officials to Fill 14 Job Vacancies in Housekeeping 3  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
02/25/1998Students join housekeepers, organize union brigade 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
08/26/1996No trial run needed 12  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
10/15/1996OP-ED: Every hskprs article crucial; letter disproves point 8  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
09/20/1996BPWA members find common thread in housekeepers' fight 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
08/22/1996Settlement proposal withdrawn 1  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
05/26/1994State Set to Decide Whether Housekeeper Should Get Job Back 3  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
10/09/1996OP-ED: Please, no more nonsense about hskprs debate 10  HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, UNC
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