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10/19/1993Appeal frustrates workers 1  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
10/18/1993State asks court to review UNC housekeepers ruling 1  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
09/18/2000Shortages Fuel Labor Concerns 1  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
10/06/2011Ed: The need for a quick clean 12  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
01/18/2012Ed:Cleaning house 12  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
11/14/2012Housekeepers allege abuse, ask management to be true to reform 1  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
10/14/2008Ed: Time for honesty, openness 6  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
06/12/2008Housekeepers seek overtime 3  HOUSEKEEPERS UNC
04/15/1992Lawyer: Computer ad discriminates 3  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
01/13/1994Report touts strides in Housekeepers' pay 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
02/24/2003Housekeepers to air woes in meeting 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
04/13/1992Housekeeper supporters allowed to raise funds in Pit 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
04/05/1995Housekeepers suit may be heard soon 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
04/23/2001Former housekeeping director made strides for UNC workers [letter] 9  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
11/27/1996UNC, Housekeepers near end of legal battle 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
04/10/2001Workers' treatment questioned 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
04/15/1999UNC Housekeepers To Protest Hiring 3  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
10/16/1995Students, housekeepers protest privitization 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
04/04/1995Housekeepers: Job poses health risks 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
06/22/1995Employee drops grievance 3a  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
10/25/1993OpEd: University must remedy inequities for housekeepers 10  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
07/19/2001Flexibility not the answer to problems for housekeepers [letter] 8  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
08/22/1994Fired Housekeeper Still Awaits State's Decision 3A  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
07/12/2001University official updates situation on houskeepers [letter] 8  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
11/11/1997Housekeepers say changes not apparent 1  HOUSEKEEPERS, UNC
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