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10/13/1993Housekeepers rally for better wages 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
05/18/1992Housekeepers, chancellor spar over demands 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/09/1993Housekeepers Association to take part in forum against discrimination 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
09/04/1992Editorial: No point in keeping the Barnes door open 6  HOUSEKEEPERS
08/27/1992UNC housekeepers to meet state representative 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
10/31/1991Students support housekeepers' fight for 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/15/1993Housekeepers, students protest court ruling 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
09/03/1992Editorial: Sweeping away the 3-corner defense 8  HOUSEKEEPERS
10/12/1993Housekeepers plan forum in pit, march on polk place 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
03/29/1999Housekeepers Get Helping Hand 6  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/22/1993Deadline passes with no action 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/12/1992Housekeepers seek state help. . . to file class action 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
04/13/1993Meeting will address housekeepers' struggle 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
07/02/1992Editorial: A matter od dignity (housekeeper wages) 8  HOUSEKEEPERS
09/04/1992Housekeepers urged to broaden fight 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/15/1993Employees adopt own bill of rights 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
02/15/1993Op Ed: Housekeepers' debate should... 9  HOUSEKEEPERS
02/18/1993Housekeepers question UNC motives 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/10/1993Housekeepers, UNC present cases 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
09/13/2000In-House Provost Discusses Plans 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
10/22/1992University housekeepers take fight to classroom 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/19/1993Housekeepers may strike if demands not met 1  HOUSEKEEPERS
03/29/2004Students should mind their messes (letter) 9  HOUSEKEEPERS
05/27/2004Employee challenges firing 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
11/23/2004Initiative to benefit housekeepers 3  HOUSEKEEPERS
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