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02/14/1994UNC doctor arrested for sexual offense 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
02/25/2003UNC Hospitals to undergo $25.6 million renovations 7  HOSPITALS, UNC
04/08/2003Hospital shows art of patients 9  HOSPITALS, UNC
02/21/2003Hospital backs own road plan 2  HOSPITALS, UNC
09/10/2001Celebration marks hospitals' opening 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
...Dedication reveals new hospitals 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
02/14/1994Security at UNC hospitals seems to be a bit lacking [letter] 9  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/22/2003UNC offers new tests for birth defects 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/03/2003UNC offers new tests for birth defects 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
05/29/2003Women's Hospital sees new entrance 9  HOSPITALS, UNC
09/16/2003EDITORIAL: A Balancing act: UNC Hospitals employee concerns 8  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/10/2003Program targets eating disorders 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/30/2003Hospitals call in extra staff for Halloween 4  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/22/2003UNC offers new testes for birth defects 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
01/07/1960NC Hospital Will Receive Large Grants 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
11/14/1968Ivey Resigns As Director Of Hospital 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
09/29/2004Hospital receives $200K grant 5  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/04/2010The proposed prostate center location is unwise (letter) 6  HOSPITALS, UNC
...The NC prostate center should be at UNC Hospitals (letter) 6  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/06/2010Bleeding Out - UNC Hospitals loses millions from charity care 1  HOSPITALS, UNC
11/22/2010Hospital facility set to break ground in February 3  HOSPITALS, UNC
03/14/2011UNC Hospitals to face cuts 3  HOSPITALS, UNC
10/25/2011UNC Hospitals fight mental illness with art 9  HOSPITALS, UNC
09/26/2011Defying gravity: UNC Hospitals hosted a fair to highlight the causes of falls among the elderly 3  HOSPITALS, UNC
11/29/2011UNC surgeons give baby life-changing operations 5  HOSPITALS, UNC
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