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02/19/1998Homeless seek refuge in UNC building 3  HOMELESS, UNC
07/07/2011Homeless struggle with mental healthcare 1  HOMELESS, UNC
10/14/2011Project Connect brings community resources together 3  HOMELESS, UNC
11/03/2011Working to provide holiday meals for homeless 3  HOMELESS, UNC
10/05/2011Project Connect pushes forward 3  HOMELESS, UNC
05/12/2011Council OKs homeless shelter 1  HOMELESS, UNC
09/10/2010Shelter guidelines debated 9  HOMELESS, UNC
01/20/2012Counting vulnerability: Volunteers seek to help 1  HOMELESS, UNC
02/16/2010Homeless men overlooked 4  HOMELESS, UNC
01/28/2010Homeless count under way 3  HOMELESS, UNC
11/30/2009Homeless crime statistics debated 1  HOMELESS, UNC
...Inter-Faith Council holds blanket drive for homeless 3  HOMELESS, UNC
03/27/2012Homeless more vulnerable to crime 1  HOMELESS, UNC
10/05/2012New homeless shelter in the works 3  HOMELESS, UNC
10/16/2012Ed: Connecting resources 8  HOMELESS, UNC
...Homeless voters encouraged to vote 1  HOMELESS, UNC
10/30/2012Project Connect helped roughly 250 area homeless 3  HOMELESS, UNC
11/02/2012Repeat offenders aided 1  HOMELESS, UNC
04/03/2013Homeless support grows in county 1  HOMELESS, UNC
08/28/2007IFC wants answer on land request for shelter 8  HOMELESS, UNC
09/05/2007Homeless initiative starts today 1  HOMELESS, UNC
09/06/2007Homeless partnership kicks off plan 1  HOMELESS, UNC
10/11/2013Project reaches out, provides care for the homeless 3  HOMELESS, UNC
09/14/2007Mixed feelings on change plan 1  HOMELESS, UNC
10/24/2007Homeless families seek aid 1  HOMELESS, UNC
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