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02/05/2002Students sleep in for homelessness 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
01/16/2004IFC shelter secures stop in Carrboro 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
02/06/2004Doctors reach out to homeless 7  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
02/20/2004Shelter to close its doors at start of warm weather 2  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
04/22/2004Churches help house homeless 5  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
08/23/2004IFC still seeks fixed home for shelter 8  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
09/15/2004Community, shelter group kick off talks 1  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
09/16/2004Op.Ed: Stereotypes of local homeless are insensitive, unwarranted 10  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
10/08/2004IFC presents shelter plans to school board 4  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/05/2004County to eye homelessness 5  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/15/2004Shelter incites heated debate 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/16/2004Group tackles myriad biases 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/17/2004Town programs assist homeless 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/18/2004Student presence defines dilemma 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/19/2004Groups take on issues of homeless 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/30/2004Groups to pair up, fight homelessness 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
12/08/2009Be on the look out -- Six things that should be on your radar 8  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
09/27/2010GROWING HOPE: Challeng collects food, money for homeless shelters 1  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
10/11/2010IFC food pantry serves 3,000 1  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
05/12/2011Council OKs homeless shelter 1  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
07/07/2011Homeless struggle with mental healthcare 1  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
10/14/2011Project Connect brings community resources together 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
10/25/2011DiPhi members host panhandling debate 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
11/03/2011Working to provide holiday meals for homeless 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
10/05/2011Project Connect pushes forward 3  HOMELESS, HOMESLESSNESS
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