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10/18/1995Inter-Faith Council Shelter offers helpful haven 5  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
08/30/1990Kitchen added to shelter complex 7a  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
12/03/1999Homeless Seek Warmth at IFC Shleter 2  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
09/21/1990Editorial: Helping the homeless 8  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
11/16/1988Panel discusses problems of... 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
10/18/1995Coming together to help the town's homeless 5  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
02/17/1989Congress to address issue of homeless 4  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
10/13/1989Homeless march...kindness (letter) 8  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
10/01/1990Op.Ed: IFC homeless shelter... 9  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
11/22/1995Shelter Prepares to Make Holiday Enjoyable for Those in Need 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
09/14/1990Morrison sleep-out to aid homeless 3  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
03/23/2000Editorial: recent cutbacks at the IFC don't merit 14  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
09/26/1989Student group focuses on homeless 3  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
09/12/1991Editorial: Get some ZZZs for the homeless 8  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
01/18/1991Activist wants more political action 3  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
04/03/1989Shelter offers temporary home 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
03/31/1987Task force created to help. . . 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
10/22/1990Op.Ed: Homelessness can be overcome 13  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
11/20/1992Sleepout promotes awareness 3  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
07/23/1998Effort under way to establish new living center for the homeless 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
04/04/1989IFC faces challenges from area... 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
07/09/1987Council delays shelter decision 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
10/18/1995Two area homless men work toward putting their lives together 5  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
11/02/1989Town leaders weigh future, shelter 1  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
02/25/1998Editorial: No vacancy 10  HOMELESS, CHAPEL HILL
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