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10/17/2011Homegrown Halloween helps safety, but limits time on Franklin 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/24/2011Ed: A step too far: Stricter enforcement of Halloween 8  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/27/2011Ed: Too much coverage 12  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...Fashionably late: Chapel Hill keeps it classy 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
11/02/2011Halloween sees increases in crime 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/31/2011Little town of horrors 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/28/2011Subdued Halloween expected 3  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
11/04/2011Halloween raises drinking concerns 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
11/09/2011Ed: Leave Halloween alone 8  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...Halloween should be welcoming to everyone (Letter) 8  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/31/2007Chapel Hill prepares for Halloween festivities 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...Franklin Street festivities draw out-of-towners 4  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...Ed: You better watch out 10  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/31/2013Town readies for Halloween 3  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/20/2008Halloween to end early 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...Ed: Halloween time bomb 6  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/31/2008Fewer police on Franklin tonight 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...The witching hour 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
11/03/2008Hogs, not horses, clear Franklin 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
10/31/2014Town prepares for costumed revelry 1  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
11/03/2014Halloween draws 32,000 downtown 7  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN
...Halloween draws 32,000 downtown 7  HOMEGROWN HALLOWEEN