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10/26/1992Ellison wins HOmecoming crown 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
03/15/1995Homecoming queen prepares service project 3  HOMECOMING QUEEN
09/12/1994Homecoming queen vote to stay same 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/11/1993Black domination of contest scares some(letter) 11  HOMECOMING QUEEN
09/09/1994CAA plans queen selection changes 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/11/1993Editorial demonstrated unmitigated racism(letter) 11  HOMECOMING QUEEN
02/01/1996Candidate's Race Should Not Be Used in Analysis of CAA [letter] 12  HOMECOMING QUEEN
11/10/1998Walters Wants Changes In Homecoming Vote 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
09/19/1995Service project eliminated 3  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/23/1995BSM candidate named queen, still wants to do service project 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/19/1993Maleikka Hardy, not BSM, is homecoming queen (letter) 8  HOMECOMING QUEEN
11/25/1991Selection process for queen evaluated 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
11/10/1998CAA's Decision on Vote Unfair to Everyone Involved 8  HOMECOMING QUEEN
04/20/1993Homecoming queen project a no-go 3  HOMECOMING QUEEN
09/09/1994Royal silence from CAA 8  HOMECOMING QUEEN
04/23/1993Article distorts project, misrepresents queen (letter) 8  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/11/1993Queen tradition shouldn't end because blacks win(letter) 11  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/30/1991Complaint changes Homecoming court 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/11/1993Past Queens shouldn't be denounced to make point(letter) 11  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/13/2004Seven finalists kick off efforts 3  HOMECOMING QUEEN
10/25/2004Crowning glory 11A  HOMECOMING QUEEN
...Drummond-Bey aims to bring orphans to college 8A  HOMECOMING QUEEN
...Foxx promotes semester filled with projects 8A  HOMECOMING QUEEN
...Houston works to fight diabetes through service 9A  HOMECOMING QUEEN
...Polanco to help raise awareness of homeless 9A  HOMECOMING QUEEN
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