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10/23/2002The Day the Music Died 8  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2002
04/15/2004CAA draws up Homecoming plans 3  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
04/23/2004Band pick might be too pricey 15  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
05/13/2004Editorial: It isn't all for you 10  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
05/10/2004DTH Editorial's criticism of Sister Hazel unfair, misguided (letter) 10  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
08/23/2004Homecoming show hits snag 3  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
...Editorial: Misguided process 12  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
09/01/2004Op.Ed: No 'I's in 'team,' but there are a few in 'responsibility' 12  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
09/03/2004Column includes inaccurate information about CAA (letter) 10  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
10/07/2004R&B balladeer to play Homecoming 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
10/11/2004Concert choice elicits praise 2  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
...Editorial: 11th-hour success 9  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
10/25/2004Legend's show draws sold-out crowd 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
...R&B artist performs for kick-off concert 13A  HOMECOMING CONCERT, 2004
09/20/2011The New Pornographers to headline UNC homecoming concert 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
11/03/2011A real 'home' feeling: With a proposed fee, Hinton wants to improve Homecoming 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
10/28/2011Homecoming fee proposed 3  HOMECOMING CONCERT
09/28/2011CUAB: New Pornographers aimed at grad students 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
11/02/1962Rock and roll, baseball mix at Clemson 4  HOMECOMING CONCERT
04/03/2012CUAB and CAA plan 2012 Homecoming concert 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
08/20/2012J.Cole to headline Homecoming 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
11/02/2012J. Cole contract released in lead-up to concert 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
08/19/2013Wale to headline Homecoming 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
09/23/2013Wale, Ace Hood to cost CUAB $90,000 1  HOMECOMING CONCERT
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