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04/07/2000Evening fire guts local apartment 3  421 HILLSBOROUGH ROAD APTS.
11/24/1992Witnesses recount tornadoes, call experience. . . 1  HILLSBOROUGH
...Two die as tornadoes devastate Hillsborough 1  HILLSBOROUGH
11/17/2003Knitting up a storm 6  HILLSBOROUGH
01/15/2004Wastewater spills at Hillsborough gas station 3  HILLSBOROUGH
10/15/2010Handmade Parade to take over Hillsborough - handmade giant puppets 11  HILLSBOROUGH
11/19/2010Hillsborough now enforcing downtown parking limits 3  HILLSBOROUGH
01/18/2011School competes for funds 9  HILLSBOROUGH
02/23/2011Local food middle man 3  HILLSBOROUGH
04/21/2011UNC health care expands 1  HILLSBOROUGH
11/04/2011Sharing faith through food 9  HILLSBOROUGH
11/16/2011Hillsborough to permit food trucks 3  HILLSBOROUGH
03/04/2011Hillsborough mayor dubs 2011 'year of infrastructure' 3  HILLSBOROUGH
03/30/2010Sheriff's election a hot topic 9  HILLSBOROUGH
01/20/2012Man charged with murder 3  HILLSBOROUGH
02/12/2010Town plans for new growth 3  HILLSBOROUGH
01/22/2010Courthouse renovations disrupt schedule, offices 4  HILLSBOROUGH
04/15/2013More food trucks may come to Hillsborough 3  HILLSBOROUGH
06/06/2013Hillsborough prison may close in fall 1  HILLSBOROUGH
04/28/1964Ed: Mississippi Law Comes To Hillsboro 2  HILLSBOROUGH
08/18/2007Weaver Street Market moves kitchens, jobs 26  HILLSBOROUGH
09/14/2007Schools, parents talk merger 6  HILLSBOROUGH
09/20/2007A Hillsborough habitat 3  HILLSBOROUGH
11/07/2007Hillsborough returns incumbents 7  HILLSBOROUGH
12/03/2007Creative crowd drawn to Hillsborough history 1  HILLSBOROUGH
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