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12/03/1997UNC doctors call to reform health care 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
10/22/2003Chambers takes aim at health care 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/12/2004Campus groups to host debate over health care 5  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/18/2004Experts debate U.S. health care 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/01/2010Professor advises in health policy debate 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
08/31/2010N.C. panel analyzes health care reform 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
07/22/2010Opportunities arise from health care bill 4  HEALTH CARE REFORM
06/03/2010Town mulls health care costs 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
04/16/2010Free clinics to get little help 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
03/24/2010Health reform's impact on you 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
01/19/2010Health care bill fails to protect campuses 9  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/17/2009Health care reform divides N.C. delegation 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/13/2009UNC preps students for future of health care 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/10/2009UNC professors provide expertise to lawmakers 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
11/11/2009Medical home method already in use at UNC 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
02/10/2010System selects health care 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
04/12/2012Narrowly approved UNC Health Care bill faces opposition 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
04/11/2012Taking care of health 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
10/11/2012Health law effects remain a question 3  HEALTH CARE REFORM
02/04/2013State may opt out of health care exchange 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
02/11/2013Universities struggle to keep health care costs low 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
04/04/2013Health care evolves 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
04/18/2013Medicaid proposal to be reviewed 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
03/19/2014Ed: A better system 8  HEALTH CARE REFORM
04/01/2009Perdue leads forum on reforming health care 1  HEALTH CARE REFORM
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