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02/28/2000Pit Vigil to encourage tolerance 3  HATE CRIMES
02/11/1997Sigma Chi fraternity vandalized with random homophobic slurs 2  HATE CRIMES
07/02/1992Vandals deface CGLA cube announcments 3  HATE CRIMES
11/11/1992Three groups responsible for racial crimes. . . 3  HATE CRIMES
11/16/1998Hate 'Alive and Well' in Contemporary America 13  HATE CRIMES
10/21/1998Gays Persecuted Deserve Same Rights as Religious (letter) 16  HATE CRIMES
06/25/1992Anti-harassment rules in question after decision 1  HATE CRIMES
10/13/1998Death Brings Attention To Campus Hate Crimes 5  HATE CRIMES
03/04/1991Stories, columns suffer tunnel (letter) 10  HATE CRIMES
10/19/1998Religion Partly to Blame For Hostility Toward Gays (letter) 12  HATE CRIMES
02/07/1991Universities nationwide have incidents 4  HATE CRIMES
10/13/1998Gay Victim Dies After Hate Crime 1  HATE CRIMES
10/19/1998Justice Could Prevail, Even Without Hate Crime Laws (letter) 12  HATE CRIMES
11/16/1998Hate Speech Creates Climate in Which Violence is Accepted 13  HATE CRIMES
04/15/1991Op.Ed: Hate crimes against plague state 11  HATE CRIMES
02/25/1991Orange County second in reported... 2  HATE CRIMES
02/24/1992County ranks high in study identifying '91 3  HATE CRIMES
11/19/1993Two assault suspects charged with hate crimes 1  HATE CRIMES
11/16/1998The Rising Tide of Hate 13  HATE CRIMES
02/04/1993Vigil held to decry attack on gay man 1  HATE CRIMES
10/13/1998Outrage Over Slaying Prompts Vigil at UNC 1  HATE CRIMES
10/19/1998Hate Crimes Worry Students 3  HATE CRIMES
10/21/1998Hate Crime Laws Further Bias Toward Minorities (letter) 16  HATE CRIMES
08/24/1992Harassment rules debated after court ruling 3a  HATE CRIMES
10/20/1998Hate Crime Laws Endanger Our Freedom of Thought (letter) 8  HATE CRIMES
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