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01/21/1999Women's Hoops Team Needs Student Support For Duke-UNC Face-off (letter) 14  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
03/04/2002Hatchell wins no. 600; UNC focuses on Blue Devils 10  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
03/25/1998Officials draw Hatchell's ire after Tennessee loss 7  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
09/11/1997Pay boost ranks Hatchell 3rd among UNC coaches 15  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
01/23/1998Tar Heels top 'Pack, secure Hatchell's 500th win 5  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
08/22/2000Hatchell to Help Promote Cause After Cancer Scare 10b  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
06/01/1995Hatchell to coach former Tar Heels in World Games womens hoops 8  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
02/02/2001Hatchell earns 300th victory 7  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
11/21/2003Editorial: A Worthy Honor 10  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
11/17/2003Hall Honors Hatchell 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
11/21/2003Editorial: A worthy honor 10  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
06/17/2004Hatchell earns hall of fame nod 3  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
11/12/2004Hard-nosed hall of famer 14A  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
09/01/2011Fly like an eagle: Sylvia Hatchell is known for developing new coaching talent 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
07/01/2010Hatchell donates to cancer fund 4  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
01/20/2012UNC earns 600th win for Hatchell 7  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
01/26/2012Coach Sylvia Hatchell bans women's team's Twitter use 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
03/14/2012Hatchell turns down postseason play 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
02/08/2013Hatchell reaches career mileston 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
04/10/2013Hatchell heading to the Hall of Fame 3  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
10/15/2013Hatchell steps back to battle leukemia 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
10/16/2013Calder called up in Hatchell's absence 3  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
10/21/2013The Queen's court 4  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
01/16/2014Sylvia Hatchell in remission 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
01/12/2009Hatchell celebrates 800 wins 1  HATCHELL, SYLVIA
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