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04/12/1989Ramp to be constructed in Pit 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
01/10/1986Device. . .aid hearing-impaired installed 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
11/16/1981Blind students 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
04/06/1992Op.Ed: Working with handicapped benefits. . . 9  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
09/11/1985Handicapped parking areas inadequate. . . 2  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
01/18/1974Officials to re-evaluate campus 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
03/04/1987Able students, disabled for a day 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
12/03/1971Handicapped girl finds UNC life 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
10/09/1998Disabled Students Struggle With Campus Construction 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
04/24/1984UNC handicapped housing policy 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
01/29/1980UNC program aims for normal for blind 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
11/16/1994Living without sight or sound 5  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
03/04/1999Buildings Could be Made Handicapped-Accessible, But UNC Balks at costs 12  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
11/01/1990Handicapped entrances blocked by bikes 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
12/03/1976Disabled students cite need for office 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
01/31/1991Students have many opportunities 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
09/21/1989Plans for Pit ramps up in the air 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
01/24/1983UNC more accessible for disabled 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
03/03/1987Rights for handicapped 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
04/25/1984Wheelchairs not included, moped ban 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
02/25/1974Blind. . .but not helpless (Schmidt, A.) 4  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
03/03/1993The problems confronting physically disabled... 5  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
08/05/1976Blind coed copes with campus life 5  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
10/08/1986Handicap Student Service, needs aid 3  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
04/08/1981Handicap not viewed as obstacle 1  HANDICAPPED STUDENTS
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