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11/01/1996Officials reflect on Chapel Hill's Halloween happenings, traditions 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
04/25/2002Scary prospects [Editorial] 14  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/31/2003Editorials: Trick or Treat 8  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/07/2003Zone dresses up Franklin 4  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/30/2003Commentary: Spirit of Halloween persists even as we all grow older 14  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
...Hospitals call in extra staff for Halloween 4  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
09/16/2010Homegrown Halloween to continue - 50,000 last year 13  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/19/2010Editorial: No curfew on safety - Halloween 10  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
11/02/2010Ed: A Halloween post-mortem 7  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/17/2011Homegrown Halloween helps safety, but limits time on Franklin 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
11/09/2011Halloween should be welcoming to everyone (Letter) 8  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
09/21/2007Halloween crime goes unsolved 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/31/2007Raleigh aims to rival Franklin 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
...Chapel Hill prepares for Halloween festivities 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
...Franklin Street festivities draw out-of-towners 4  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
...Ed: You better watch out 10  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
11/01/2007Hallowed tradition big as ever 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/31/2013Town readies for Halloween 3  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
08/21/2008Hosting Halloween too costly? 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
08/22/2008Halloween crowd brings business, risk 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
09/10/2008No easy fix for Halloween crime 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
09/23/2008Town urges Halloween limits 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/08/2008EMS readies for holiday 3  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/10/2008Ed: We need YOU to be safe 10  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
10/20/2008Halloween to end early 1  HALLOWEEN, CHAPEL HILL
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