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11/19/2002Habitat Proposal Concerns Residents 1  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
05/29/2003Habitat, town team up to build home 4  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
02/20/2004Benefit show builds support 2  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
03/05/2004Students spurn relaxation to help others 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
10/22/2004Editorial: Desperation moves 10  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
11/11/2010One Block at a time - Projects reaches out to UNC employees 1  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
04/11/2011Build-a-Block wins $20,000 in 'Battle' against NC State, Duke 5  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
09/19/2011One block at a time 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
10/03/2011Woman gave Habitat house for her 50th birthday 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
06/30/2011Orange County Habitat focuses on renovating local homes 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
09/13/2010Students help community through Habitat 4  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
05/20/2010Tar Heel Treasure successful 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
05/24/2012Cross country cyclists build homes in NC 8  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
11/14/2012Hatching a Home 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
01/28/2013Fraternities honor David Shannon through Habitat 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
09/20/2007A Hillsborough habitat 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
09/24/2007Senior class Habitat building project begins 4  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
03/31/2008Habitat House becomes a home 3  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
10/22/2014Business school severs ties with Habitat 1  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY