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02/19/1991Editorial: Juvenile protests defeat. . . 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/22/1991Rally focuses on war, use of oil 3  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/04/1991Peace. . .attack poorly handled (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
01/22/1991UNC community reacts to war in gulf 1  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
03/04/1991Op.Ed: Discussion, debate rage despite 11  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/06/1991Protestors call police ironic (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/22/1991Information, debate aim of. . .(letter) 12  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/05/1991Protesting war hurts effort (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/01/1991Op.Ed: Committees offers speakers voice 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/25/1991Hildebolt defends UNC Republicans 3  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/07/1991Pit campers carry on despite attack 3  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/06/1991Crisis can be resolved ballons (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/22/1991Iraq voices support for Soviet plan 1  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/04/1991Protesters attacked with water balloons 1  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
03/01/1991Peaceniks jump to conclusion (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/22/1991Protest appropriately educates (letter) 12  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/06/1991Honor Court proceedings..balloon attack 1  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/04/1991Editorial: A quieting terrorism 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
01/18/1991Protestors meet at McCorkle Place 3  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
01/17/1991Diverse crowd gathers on McCorkle Place 3  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/07/1991No time & place for violence (letter) 10  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/14/1991Killing thousands is price (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/12/1991Peace Village provides contentment. . . 5  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
02/15/1991Protesters, Kuwait parallel not (letter) 8  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
...Wearing flag on uniform. . .(letter) 9  GULF WAR (PROTESTS)
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