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09/05/2003LGBT fraternities take root on campus 9  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
09/23/1959Fraternity Rush Announced; Rules Laid Down By IFC 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
09/25/1959Will It Take Death 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
09/27/1959Pro, Social Frats Start Fall Rushing 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/02/1959Formal Sorority Rush Season Closes Wednesday As 159 Women Pledge 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/07/1959Fraternities End Rush; Announce Pledges 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/21/1959Assistant Dean Strong Says He Is Impressed With Way Fraternities Handle Problems 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/24/1959My Crusade Against The Fraternities 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/25/1959My Crusade Against The Fraternities: Part Two 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/27/1959My Crusade Against The Fraternities (From The Nation) 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/31/1959Crusade Against Fraternities 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
09/25/1969Greeks Try New Rush Approach 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
09/30/1969Separatism Among The Greeks 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
01/09/1962Op.Ed: Are College Fraternities On Way Out? 2  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/10/1962IDC To Rule Tonight On Greek Eligibility Dorm Newspapers To Be Inspected 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/12/1962IDC Vetoes Greek Members: Votes To Ask Trustees For Raise In Dorm Social Fee 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
09/22/2010Board study finds no simple fix for Greeks 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/04/2010Editorial: Greeks need an advocate -Next assistant dean should focus on positives 6  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
11/19/2010Greek rush policy changed - Performance based system 3  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
11/16/2010IFC elects new president 3  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
03/24/2011Board to raise bar for Greeks / GPA requirement might be higher 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
07/21/2011Editorial: Greek reform on point 8  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/11/2011Bachenheimer establishes goals for UNC Greeks 6  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/01/1929Editorial: A dangerous pastime - hazing 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
10/17/1929Freshmen don pledge buttons with end of silence today 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETY
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