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03/21/2001UNC Research draws big bucks from NIH 3  GRANTS, UNC
10/21/2002Cuts to NIH Could Decrease Money to UNC 6  GRANTS, UNC
08/27/2003Grant could blaze trails 1  GRANTS, UNC
12/02/20034 professors get $2.5M to better child welfare 3  GRANTS, UNC
06/05/2003Grant aims to stop SIDS 4  GRANTS, UNC
09/14/2004Ackland receives prestigious grant 3  GRANTS, UNC
09/29/2004Hospital receives $200K grant 5  GRANTS, UNC
10/12/2004Grant to propel cohesive research 6  GRANTS, UNC
10/04/2010UNC ranks 16th in research - spent $432 million in federal grants 3  GRANTS, UNC
09/30/2010Center at Gillings School of Public Health receives funds 3  GRANTS, UNC
06/17/2010State to simplify student grants 3  GRANTS, UNC
05/27/2010Spit wins UNC major grant 3  GRANTS, UNC
11/09/2009Grants might hinge on tuition decision 1  GRANTS, UNC
11/30/2009NIH grants enable research 3  GRANTS, UNC
03/12/1963Lassiter Gets $30,000 From Markle Grant 3  GRANTS, UNC
10/01/2012Department of Justice awards grant 3  GRANTS, UNC
04/18/1963Grant Will Encourage Ph.D. Work 4  GRANTS, UNC
04/20/1963State Board Gets Request For Grad Aid 1  GRANTS, UNC
05/01/1963NASA To Give 10 Grants To Technologists 1  GRANTS, UNC
09/18/1963UNC Dental School Gets $500,000 Government Grant 20  GRANTS, UNC
10/27/1963Ford Grant To Back Regional Humanities Plan For UNC, Duke 1  GRANTS, UNC
01/29/2013UNC lagging on grant goals 5  GRANTS, UNC
08/27/2013Business school grant goes to India programs 3  GRANTS, UNC
09/25/2013Professors get tobacco grants 1  GRANTS, UNC
08/18/2007Grant given to UNC to protect sites 23  GRANTS, UNC
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