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01/09/1992Grant to fund program for diversity 3  ARTS & SCIENCES (GRANTS)
01/07/2015Ackland Art Museum receives national grant 6  ARTS & SCIENCES (GRANTS)
10/19/1978Editorial: A waste of money (Grants) 6  ATHLETIC GRANTS
04/10/1979May lose funds 1  ATHLETIC GRANTS
10/18/1978BOT gives Taylor final say on grants 1  ATHLETIC GRANTS
04/18/1979Athletic grants-in-aid (letters) 6  ATHLETIC GRANTS
02/12/1960Ford Grants To UNC Total Over Million 1  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
04/03/1960Ford Fund Honor Rhyne With Grant 3  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
02/11/1961Ford Gives Over $100,000 In 1960 3  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
02/07/1969Blacks To Get Fellowship Aid 7  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
02/28/1962UNC Press Receives $25,000 Ford Grant 3  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
10/27/1962Wurfiel given grant by Ford Foundation 5  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
01/10/1963UNC completes research 1  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
04/24/1963Tuttle Gets Award 1  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
10/27/1963Ford Grant To Back Regional Humanities Plan For UNC, Duke 1  FORD FOUNDATION GRANTS
12/04/1996Kenan search continues; candidates visit campus 4  FACULTY GRANTS
12/02/20034 professors get $2.5M to better child welfare 3  FACULTY GRANTS
06/17/2010State to simplify student grants 3  FACULTY GRANTS
03/05/1963Chemist James Collman wins $16,000 grant for research 3  FACULTY GRANTS
03/12/1963Lassiter Gets $30,000 From Markle Grant 3  FACULTY GRANTS
03/20/1963Richard King Wins Grant For Teachers 3  FACULTY GRANTS
09/05/20122 professors receive $12.6 million in grants 3  FACULTY GRANTS
10/09/2012UNC professor receives $1.5 million project grant 3  FACULTY GRANTS
02/01/2013UNC professor awarded grant to create mobile application 3  FACULTY GRANTS
09/04/1997UNC outreach gets massive HUD grant 1  FEDERAL GRANTS
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