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10/29/2001New scholarship bears attack victim's name 8  GIFTS TO UNC
04/13/2000Anonymous gift honors Hooker 3  GIFTS TO UNC
11/15/1999Seniors Choose Lounge As Class of 2000 Gift 1  GIFTS TO UNC
12/04/1996UNC professors to publish new book, short stories 3  GIFTS TO UNC
05/16/1996Sorority donates $5,000 to Cancer Center 3  GIFTS TO UNC
02/12/1998Rare Book Collection Donated to University 3  GIFTS TO UNC
04/30/1998Newspaper gift to benefit lab in journalism school 3  GIFTS TO UNC
09/24/1999Alumnus Leaves $28.6 Million to UNC 1  GIFTS TO UNC
08/29/2002University Endowment Stays Strong 1  GIFTS TO UNC
03/17/1997Spangler to sponsor UNC professorships 3  GIFTS TO UNC
10/09/2001Op.Ed: Choosing the right senior class gift 10  GIFTS TO UNC
10/09/2002Senior Class Officers Welcome Debate But Stand By Gift Choices 10  GIFTS TO UNC
09/04/2001UNC to receive grant from IBM 6  GIFTS TO UNC
02/20/1992Rams Club gift to aid libraries, preservation 3  GIFTS TO UNC
03/26/1998Alumnus donates $4.4 million to University for scholarships 1  GIFTS TO UNC
10/09/2001Online voting for class gift starts today 1  GIFTS TO UNC
02/24/1998Dramatic arts get $1million gift 1  GIFTS TO UNC
01/09/1992Journalism school to receive $1 million 3  GIFTS TO UNC
07/24/1997Officials, widow note alum's 127-acre gift 3  GIFTS TO UNC
08/18/1997Journalism school gets $35, 000 contribution 3A  GIFTS TO UNC
11/19/2002Belks Donate Large Ram Statue to Stadium 3  GIFTS TO UNC
01/30/2003Kickoff celebrates, publicizes senior class gift 3  GIFTS TO UNC
03/31/1998Editorial: Thank You 12  GIFTS TO UNC
09/24/1997New journalism school to receive $150,000 gift 3  GIFTS TO UNC
04/08/1998Alumnus gives $100,000 gift to UNC School of Law 3  GIFTS TO UNC
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