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02/27/1991Duke official suspended for anti-gay. . . 2  DUKE (GAYS)
11/18/2010Robinette files against Duke 3  DUKE (GAYS)
12/07/1992Pile of gay newspapers set on fire 1  GAYS
11/15/1995Subtracting FromAds 12  GAYS
10/10/1994National coming out day fosters chance for acceptance on campus 1  GAYS
09/14/1993Gays, Lesbians not intended to have or raise children 8  GAYS
07/10/2003Point-Counterpoint: Due Intervention 8  GAYS
07/04/2013Married gay couples in NC hopeful for benefits 1  GAYS
08/28/2008Area tries to attract gay tourism 1  GAYS
02/27/2009Constitutional ban on gay marriage unlikely 4  GAYS
06/26/2014Church challenges gay marriage ban 5  GAYS
...Ed: I do, we do, they do 8  GAYS
08/22/2014Supreme Court halts gay marriage 1  GAYS
09/29/2014Thousands of LGBT advocates gather in Durham for the NC Pride Parade 1  GAYS
10/07/2014Court lets marriage rulings stand 1  GAYS
10/13/2014In NC, gay couples tie a historic knot 1  GAYS
10/14/2014First gay couples get married in Orange County 1  GAYS
12/06/1995Nelson Takes Oath Of Office in Carrboro 1  GAYS IN OFFICE
08/27/2003Selection of gay bishop reveals Episcopal divide 3  GAYS IN OFFICE
10/30/2007Herzenberg inspires others 3  GAYS IN OFFICE
11/13/1992Ban supporters, opponets split on Clinton 1  GAYS IN THE MILITARY
02/19/1993Military's policy on gays debated 3  GAYS IN THE MILITARY
04/01/1993Gay man beaten by Marines urges action... 1  GAYS IN THE MILITARY
11/16/1992Some ROTC leaders oppose lifting of ban 1  GAYS IN THE MILITARY
12/10/1992Leave lifestyle out of gays in the military debate (letter) 10  GAYS IN THE MILITARY
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