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04/26/2001Moeser strives to procure funding for University 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
08/28/2003University to press on with cancer center plan 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
08/25/2003Focus on private funds shifts budgets 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
...Diabetes first on minds of players 1B  FUNDING, UNC-CH
11/24/2003UNC officials unveil financial plan 3  FUNDING, UNC-CH
11/20/2003BOG's request for extra funds faces scrutiny 2  FUNDING, UNC-CH
12/01/2003Officials applaud funding proposal 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
02/14/1895Editorial: Marion Butler advocacy in the legislature 2  FUNDING, UNC-CH
01/13/2004State spending toward higher education dives 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
10/08/2004Task force selects funding priorities 3  FUNDING, UNC-CH
11/16/2004Editorial: Staying in control 12  FUNDING, UNC-CH
12/06/2010Perdue: Private gifts a must in fiscal future 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
04/26/2011Students protest budget cuts 4  FUNDING, UNC-CH
09/19/2011Student ticket prices keep arts accesible 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
03/15/2011Budget cuts may hinder proposed funding model 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
09/10/2010Ed: Keep on giving 12  FUNDING, UNC-CH
02/16/2012Carolina North inching forward 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
04/13/2012BOG considers performance-based funding model 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
09/19/2012System leaders evaluating new funding freedom 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
11/28/2012Inside the fund 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
01/10/2013New fiscal cliff looms for education funding 3  FUNDING, UNC-CH
04/02/2013Fishing for funding 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
06/13/2013Curtain may close on arts funding 3  FUNDING, UNC-CH
09/27/2013Gov. Hunt calls for education focus 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
10/21/2013UNC looks for other funding options 1  FUNDING, UNC-CH
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