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05/04/2000Bonds' fates could rest with voters 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
...Committee approves Capital proposal 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
...Stakes high as UNC funding initiatives head to 9  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
11/17/2003BOG seeks $170M for fixes 4  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
01/13/2004State spending toward higher education dives 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
10/13/2004BOG hopes legislature will fix growth funding 4  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
11/12/2004BOG seeks increased accountability 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
11/15/2004System boasts lengthy wishlist 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
...System seeks cash for enrollment 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
11/16/2004System checks audit process 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
02/01/2011Ed: The power of positive payoffs: The lesson of North Carolina 8  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
02/10/2011The student lobby: UNC-system students take issues to capital 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
04/26/2011Students protest budget cuts 4  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
11/28/2011Criteria change leads to less funding 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
02/12/2010Tuition could rise if state won't budge 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
04/13/2012BOG considers performance-based funding model 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
09/19/2012System leaders evaluating new funding freedom 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
01/10/2013New fiscal cliff looms for education funding 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
01/29/2013UNC-system funds could drop after reforms 3  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
04/02/2013Fishing for funding 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
09/27/2013Gov. Hunt calls for education focus 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
03/26/2014Professors distinguished but in the dark 1  FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
07/15/2004Board rejects private funding 1  PRIVATE FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
09/15/2004School weighs crucial issues 1  PRIVATE FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
09/17/2004UNC unlikely to imitate UVa. 1  PRIVATE FUNDING, UNC SYSTEM
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