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10/22/1998Outside Funds Key for Colleges 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
08/29/2002University Endowment Stays Strong 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
08/28/2002UNC Campaign Boasts More Than $800M 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
02/03/1988Audit recommends tuition increase 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
10/14/2002Officials Set Sights on $1.8 Billion 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
04/05/2002Universities' private gifts not curbed by poor economy 3  FUND RAISING, UNC
09/21/1998UNC Hits New Mark For Grants 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
10/15/2002Investing in UNC 10  FUND RAISING, UNC
02/09/2000How Carolina courts the cash 3  FUND RAISING, UNC
03/19/1993Staff challenged to egual student support... 8  FUND RAISING, UNC
02/09/2000Smaller Departments struggle for money . . . 5  FUND RAISING, UNC
01/28/2002New Focus On Private Funding 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
02/18/2003Dean Smith statues to raise funds for Carolina First 4  FUND RAISING, UNC
07/10/1998UNC Prepares for Billion Dollar Campaign 3  FUND RAISING, UNC
11/14/1995UNC Utilizing Private Donations to Keep Up With Peer Schools 2  FUND RAISING, UNC
03/15/1999Faculty Forks Over Funds For Academic Programs 2  FUND RAISING, UNC
02/09/2000. . . While UNC's big boys bank on. . . dollars 5  FUND RAISING, UNC
10/11/2002$1.8B Objective Probably Too Low 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
...UNC Campaign Officials Reach Out to Alumni 9  FUND RAISING, UNC
04/01/2002Carolina First campaign faces repeat delay 3  FUND RAISING, UNC
10/11/2002Carolina First Aims for $1.8B Goal 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
02/09/2000The difference a dollar makes 5  FUND RAISING, UNC
08/25/2003Focus on private funds shifts budgets 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
...Diabetes first on minds of players 1B  FUND RAISING, UNC
05/29/2003Carolina First surpasses $1 billion mark 1  FUND RAISING, UNC
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