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05/15/1997Freshmen by any other name would still be 'Freshmeat' 10  FRESHMEN
08/25/1977Freshmen nationwide have lowest scores 1  FRESHMEN
02/25/1982Freshmen to have choice 1  FRESHMEN
09/05/1996Freshmen disc. new sleeping schEditorial: shock to their sys. 9  FRESHMEN
11/21/1977Profile released to Faculty Council 3  FRESHMEN
11/08/1970'Everybody Friendly'-Freshman 3  FRESHMEN
02/08/1974Off-campus classification deny. . .(letter) 6  FRESHMEN
09/04/1997Student Congress rejects 'first-year student' 4  FRESHMEN
09/07/1995Unprepared freshmen flood remedial math classes [letter] 14  FRESHMEN
11/30/1988Number, freshman applicants rising 1  FRESHMEN
04/01/1992Freshmen can finish social studies major 1  FRESHMEN
11/08/1990Freshman: A word that needs changing? 3  FRESHMEN
08/28/1979Carolina of old was tough on freshmen 6  FRESHMEN
09/19/1991Freshmen to learn about Honor Code 3  FRESHMEN
02/22/1979New advising system for frosh proposed 1  FRESHMEN
10/08/1971Stallings urges freshmen action 1  FRESHMEN
01/29/1986Academic emphasis, minorities 2  FRESHMEN
04/22/1993Freshmen lead recycling efforts 3  FRESHMEN
08/30/1982Freshmen must adjust. . .change curriculum 1  FRESHMEN
09/27/1996Freshmen learn Honor Code's responsibilities 1  FRESHMEN
10/08/1997UNC freshmen, transfers find their niche 10  FRESHMEN
08/30/1974Freshmen get in Ed 41 1  FRESHMEN
09/26/1990Frosh officers elected for Bicentennial 3  FRESHMEN
01/22/1998Editorial: Too much, too soon 14  FRESHMEN
02/22/1980Poll reveals realism of attitudes 1  FRESHMEN
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