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01/27/1997Editorial: [Espresslane growth] 10  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
07/10/2003New stores to fill spots on Franklin St. 5  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
09/09/2003New Franklin St. businesses carve identities 4  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
09/08/2011Conditions on Franklin cause turnover 8  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
06/10/2010Krispy Kreme opens in Aug. 1  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
04/06/2011Bringing Southern hospitality to Starbucks 8  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
07/19/2012Construction has little effect on businesses 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
11/30/2012Waffle House to come to Franklin Street 1  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
06/20/2013Carolina Pride closes on Franklin 4  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
05/07/1964Merchants Recall The Good Old Days 5  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
09/20/2013Clothes Hound closes its doors 4  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
08/18/2007Chipotle opens on Franklin St 25  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
05/14/1930Fire in Lipman's attracts crowd to scene of blaze 1  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
10/26/2007Town candidates talk Franklin Street growth 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
10/25/2013Students set up shop on Franklin 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
11/12/2008Christmas coming to Franklin 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
02/11/2009Franklin Street legends 9  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
04/13/2009Two new shops open up on Franklin Street 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
07/02/2009New restaurant a family affair 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
07/03/2008Amber Alley to get a face lift 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
11/05/2014Gigi's Cupcakes says goodbye to Chapel Hill 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
12/03/2014Mediterranean restaurant to open in Qdoba spot 3  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS
02/06/2015Closed 1  FRANKLIN STREET SHOPS