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10/24/2001UNC study explains beer 'skuniness' 2  FORBES, MALCOLM
09/24/2004Professor's hosting of shoot should have been criticized (letter) 8  FORBES, MALCOLM
09/27/2004Professor, local media both made unfortunate errors (letter) 13  FORBES, MALCOLM
...Department isn't condoning Playboy shoot involvement (letter) 13  FORBES, MALCOLM
09/28/2004Playboy photo shoot draws department's ire 2  FORBES, MALCOLM
09/29/2004Professor apologizes for his posture regarding shoot (letter) 8  FORBES, MALCOLM
09/30/2004Editorial: Unprofessional act 16  FORBES, MALCOLM
...Professor's conduct was inexcusable, unprofessional (letter) 16  FORBES, MALCOLM
10/04/2004Criticism of Forbes' actions exemplifies lost masculinity (letter) 10  FORBES, MALCOLM
...Situation compromises fair environment for females (letter) 10  FORBES, MALCOLM
...Forbes' First Amendment right is being undermined (letter) 10  FORBES, MALCOLM
...Department's reaction is a close-minded approach (letter) 10  FORBES, MALCOLM
10/05/2004Carolina Women's Center will take on relevant issues (letter) 12  FORBES, MALCOLM
10/06/2004Intellectual merit should be basis for judging professors (letter) 8  FORBES, MALCOLM
10/12/2004Sexism on campus 9  FORBES, MALCOLM
...Editorial cartoon: What is wrong with this picture? 9  FORBES, MALCOLM
10/19/2004Free expression should be respected for everyone in the University community (letter) 10  FORBES, MALCOLM