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04/14/2003Smalls' death still mourned 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/21/2003Mirazo juggles football, law 7  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/12/2004Tar Heel players cited for drug use 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/13/2004Players' careers are tenuous 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/24/2004UNC receiver is in the clear 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
09/13/2012McAdoo still seeks damages from UNC 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/20/1963In jubilant dressing room, a sweet smell of success 4  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/03/1963Peahead After Lacey, Kortner 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/14/1963UNC End Is Honored Among Nation's Elite 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
04/12/2013Running backs battle in Spring Game 8  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
03/21/1964Old men (er, grads) tackle varsity in Kenan 4  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
09/24/1941Frank O'Hare's Cancellation Brings Cheer C1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
09/27/1941Shot Cox Is Likely to Start At Quarterback Post Today 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/12/1941Hodges Leads Standout Line Against Fordham 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/28/1941Joe Austin's Return Bolsters Tar Heel Hopes for Victory Over Doc Newton's Wolfpack 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/01/1941Carolina's Passing Parade....Remember the Immortals 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/07/1941Tar Heels May Start All-Senior Line Against Richmond's Spiders Saturday; Faircloth and Elliott Back in Shape 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/18/1941Suntheimer, Marshall, Croom, Corn, Heymann on Injury List 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
11/28/1941Dave Barksdale Elected Captain of '42 Eleven 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
12/02/1941Five Seniors To Perform In Bowl Tilt 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
09/06/2013Warrant shows Little given $20,000 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
08/27/2007Tar Heels counting on veteran leaders 16  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/16/2013The football team uses new uniforms to draw recruits 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/21/2013Ebron erupts in otherwise dark night 8  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
10/08/2007UNC holds off Canes 12  FOOTBALL TEAM, PLAYERS
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