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02/02/2011Recruit process getting intense 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
04/25/2011Draft Ready: Deunta Williams 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
05/26/2011NCAA returns to UNC [Defensive end Quinton Coples was questioned regarding a draft party\ 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
...Editorial: Davis draws line [McAdoo] 10  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
07/21/2011Honor court's failure unacceptable for UNC (letter) 8  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
07/28/2011McAdoo lawsuit at a halt 3  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
10/25/2011Senior safety Matt Merletti out for the season 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
10/19/2011No easy road: Dwight Jones 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
10/27/2011Just take it, and run: Tailback Bernard 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
09/26/2011Geogia Tech's triple-option offense proved to be too much for the Tar Heels to handle 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
...Inexperience shows against Georgia Tech 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
09/06/2011Injury ends season for Ramsay 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
...Ed: Consider Withers 4  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
11/14/2011UNC's scandal cannot compare to Penn State (letter) 6  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
08/30/2011Withers ready for first game 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
08/26/2011Withers ready to tackle 2011 season 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
11/17/2011Tar Heels prepared for Hokies 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
12/06/2011Ticket sales down in 2011 season 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011
...UNC to play Missouri in bowl 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2011