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08/31/2007UNC backs feature new faces 13  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
...Untested QBs to manage UNC offense 16  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
...Tar Heels feature playmakers at WR 18  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/04/2007Tar Heels knock out Dukes 14  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/11/2007Nicks looking to bounce back after drops 13  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/12/2007Davis pushes focus to next test 6  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/14/2007Tate living it up doing double duty 12  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/17/2007UNC comeback comes up short 12  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/18/2007Tar Heels trying to right the ship at USF 9  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/19/2007Young Tar Heel squad growing week by week 6  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/21/2007Freshman QB exceeds expectations 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
...Hot USF team awaits Tar Heels 7  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/24/2007Nightmare afternoon for Yates 12  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
09/25/2007UNC faces hard road ahead 7  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
10/05/2007Hurricanes come to Chapel Hill 9  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
10/08/2007UNC holds off Canes 12  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
10/09/2007Spurrier coming to town 11  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
10/26/2007Senior DE leads Tar Heel defense 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
...UNC takes on surging Deacs 6  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
10/29/2007UNC struggles to score after bye 12  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
11/02/2007Heels come home to face Maryland 6  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
10/28/2013UNC plucks Eagles 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
...Freshman receiver shines in rout of Boston College 8  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
11/07/2007Running back by ... random? 6  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
11/08/2007UNC gears up for rivalry game 10  FOOTBALL TEAM, 2007
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