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11/06/1970UNC Football: The True Light (Letter) 6  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
11/19/1990Program lets faculty meet football team 3  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/26/1971Text of Sitterson statement on 6  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/18/1971Editorial:Football question, unanswered 6  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/28/1971Football topic of AAUP panel 1  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/21/1971Editorial: People awaiting grid probe 6  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
11/06/1971Alum lauds Dooley program (letter) 4  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/22/1971Sitterson: UNC acting to cure grid... 1  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/23/1971Alumnus proud of UNC players (letter) 4  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/25/1971UNC panel to discuss football 1  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
09/21/2004Editorial: Bad streak broken 12  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
11/15/2004Op.Ed: Tradition reigns at Old ND 14  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
02/18/2010UNC-C football funded 11  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
02/08/2010Arms race: UNC spends to build up football franchise 1  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
08/28/2007Football prepping for season opener 11  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/22/2013Fedora Rallies Squad After Loss 3  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
08/29/2008Little solidifies tailback unit 15  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
...Experience characterizes UNC line 14  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
...Yates retakes the reins - at 100 percent 3  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
10/21/1962'We Kept Fighting Back,' Says Smiling Jim Hickey 1  FOOTBALL PROGRAM
01/26/2015Ed: We're doing this again? 5  FOOTBALL PROGRAM