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09/20/1993Big game brings big crowd to Kenan 1  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/04/1997Students to use UNC ONE Card for entry into games 3  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/05/1997Parking plagued by Kenan kickoff 1  FOOTBALL GAMES
11/11/1997Despite police planning, crowd size still shocking 1  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/05/1995No tailgaters cited over weekend 3  FOOTBALL GAMES
11/13/1991Need to show spirit at football (letter) 10  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/09/1997Officials: new entry process is successful 3  FOOTBALL GAMES
10/10/1972Alcohol policy another failure (letter) 5  FOOTBALL GAMES
10/01/1992Swofford says 'thanks' to record number fans [NCSU] 8  FOOTBALL GAMES
10/17/1994AD, coach brown requeat less violent fan fervor 9  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/20/1996Police to issue citations for Kenan alcohol consumption 1  FOOTBALL GAMES
10/17/1994Fans ripped down "Wine-and -cheese" image 9  FOOTBALL GAMES
07/19/1979Distribution, booze policies changed 16  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/27/1988Card suspended for season (1988) 4  FOOTBALL GAMES
08/31/1995ONE card not enough for football 1  FOOTBALL GAMES
11/15/1996Editorial: [Pity the fans] 10  FOOTBALL GAMES
10/27/1992Editorial: Lofty goals and a plan that holds water 8  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/23/1972Editorial:Booze problems can be handled 4  FOOTBALL GAMES
08/28/2003Students will not need tix for game 3  FOOTBALL GAMES
09/27/1894Keep Off the Field 2  FOOTBALL GAMES
11/25/2003Spirit of Victory Bell lost long before football game (letter) 10  FOOTBALL GAMES
11/24/2003Next year crucial for Bunting 8  FOOTBALL GAMES
11/22/1894Sports on campus: watching from the library or South Bulding 2  FOOTBALL GAMES
10/11/2004Stadium walls separate two worlds 3  FOOTBALL GAMES
12/02/1961Football Saturdays Hectic For Policemen 1  FOOTBALL GAMES
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