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09/28/1993Assistant Coach suspended; after fisticuffs at NCSU 5  FOOTBALL COACHES
10/18/1972Some questions on grid coaches (letter) 7  FOOTBALL COACHES
01/19/1988Editorial: Fordham sat out affair 10  FOOTBALL COACHES
11/25/2003Fleming resigns from staff 7  FOOTBALL COACHES
09/05/2003Football coach encourages UNC fans to support team (letter) 10  FOOTBALL COACHES
01/13/2004UNC hires Gutekunst as defensive coordinator 1  FOOTBALL COACHES
01/22/2004Sanders selected to coach DBs 1  FOOTBALL COACHES
11/18/1960Pro And Con: Do Carolina Students Want Coach Hickey To Stay? 2  FOOTBALL COACHES
11/29/1960A Move In The Right Direction 2  FOOTBALL COACHES
09/20/2010Editorial: Should he stay or should he go? Butch Davis 8  FOOTBALL COACHES
10/01/2010'Bad decisions' mount during review former coach Blake no stranger to NCAA infractions 1  FOOTBALL COACHES
10/06/2010Media outlets have been too quick to judge Davis (letter) 8  FOOTBALL COACHES
09/06/2011Ed: Consider Withers 4  FOOTBALL COACHES
12/11/1929Chuck Collins called South's wonder Coach - win for Rockne system 1  FOOTBALL COACHES
12/14/1929Much comment caused here by news of Collins' offer from Georgetown University 1  FOOTBALL COACHES
12/15/1929Collins figures out of reach for Georgetown 3  FOOTBALL COACHES
03/24/1942Johnny Vaught Leaves Carolina For Naval Duty 3  FOOTBALL COACHES
03/10/2014Salaries for UNC football trail ACC 1  FOOTBALL COACHES