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04/30/1998Charlotte to host UNC-State football games 19  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
11/30/1998Shops Lose Patrons onf Game Day 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
08/24/1998Game's Move Hurts Spirit Of University's Athletics 12  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
05/21/1998Editorial: Bad play 12  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
08/17/1998Game's move could hurt business 4A  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
10/07/2004Op.Ed: Entire town must not concede victory to Wolfpack invaders 14  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
10/08/2004Town preps for sold-out matchup 9  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
10/11/2004Statement 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Fullback carries UNC to win 7  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Stadium walls separate two worlds 3  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...One can be a farm boy and a UNC student at same time (letter) 9  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Op.Ed: UNC's energetic play fuels raucous crowd 12  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
10/12/2004Editorial: Revelry dampened 10  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Security officials should have allowed students to storm Kenan Stadium after State win (letter) 10  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
10/13/2004Crowds raise fire concerns 6  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Op.Ed: Referees do not decide outcomes 9  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Saturday's heroes weren't just the football players (letter) 10  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
11/04/2011UNC's No. 1 goal: Beat State 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
10/20/1963Moo U. goes down to udder defeat. 31-10 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...In jubilant dressing room, a sweet smell of success 4  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
11/01/1941State Game, Dance, Exhibits, to Feature Homecoming Today 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Tar Heels Have Rolled Up 601 Points To State's 130 in 35-Year Old Rivalry 4  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
...Tar Heels Slightly Favored Over 'Pack In Today's Contest 5  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
11/02/1941Wolfpack Pounds Hapless Tar Heels For First State Triumph in 14 Years 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
09/22/1962State Visits Kenan Stadium For Opener With Tar Heels 1  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
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