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09/16/1991UNC seeks to close gender gap (clinic) 5  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
09/28/2012UNC spends big money to get home games 1  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/11/1941Rams Rated Among Best In Country 1  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/19/1941Tulane Team Shows Power In 52-6 Win 1  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/24/1941Underdog Tar Heels End Preparation For Tough Battle with Deamon Deacs 3  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
11/01/1941Football Star of '88 Recalls University's 'Wonder Team' 3  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
12/02/1941Five Seniors To Perform In Bowl Tilt 3  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
09/06/2013Tar Heels to play season home opener 3  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
09/30/2013Pirates ransack Tar Heels 8  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/07/2013The UNC defense showed improvement in loss to Hokies 8  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/05/2007Hurricanes come to Chapel Hill 9  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/21/2013Ebron erupts in otherwise dark night 8  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/09/2007Spurrier coming to town 11  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/22/2013Fedora Rallies Squad After Loss 3  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/25/2013Tar Heels prepare for red zone battle 7  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
10/29/2007UNC struggles to score after bye 12  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
11/15/2013Tar Heels try for road win streak 7  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
08/29/2008UNC faces 'explosive' Cowboys 6  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
...Experience on unit will aid special teams 15  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
11/25/2013UNC taps fountain of youth 10  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
12/02/2013Duke capitalizes on UNC's errors to keep Victory Bell 12  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
09/09/2008Tar Heels searching for rare out-of-state victory 4  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
09/26/2008Heels try for Miami win streak 1  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
01/12/2009Nicks shines, Heels fall short in Car Care Bowl 19  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
02/13/2009ACC releases 2009 football schedule 7  FOOTBALL, COLLEGIATE
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