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09/11/1990Coke ordered to pay UNC, Marriott 1  CLASSIC FOOD SERVICES
09/05/1990Vendor appeals contract decision 1  CLASSIC FOOD SERVICES
09/07/1990Marriott hid role of Pepsico in bid 1  CLASSIC FOOD SERVICES
09/27/1942Welfare committee suggests new plan for Lenoir Opening 1  CLASSIC FOOD SERVICES
02/28/2000Op.Ed: CDS working to overcoming . . .problems 13  FOOD SERVICES
01/25/1973Dining facilities improved 1  FOOD SERVICES
10/30/197325 Servomation workers stage walk-out 1  FOOD SERVICES
01/31/1986ARA costs vary, hours...snack bar 1  FOOD SERVICES
04/24/1991Corporations bidding UNC food contract 1  FOOD SERVICES
03/11/1980Editorial: An insult 8  FOOD SERVICES
11/09/1988Editorial: (Food services) 10  FOOD SERVICES
09/08/1971Snack bar cups scored/size criticized 2  FOOD SERVICES
04/23/1982Student leaders meet, discuss proposals 4  FOOD SERVICES
12/04/1985Impact of Chase losses 1  FOOD SERVICES
04/05/1974Greer cites food service growth 1  FOOD SERVICES
01/06/1997Editorial: ['B' truthful ] 12  FOOD SERVICES
08/19/1999New Meal Plan Includes Dishes From Downtown 3  FOOD SERVICES
03/25/1986ARA Rep to answer questions 3  FOOD SERVICES
04/08/1975Servomation needs competition 6  FOOD SERVICES
12/02/1987Service's losses at $90,000 1  FOOD SERVICES
11/09/1984Itza Pizza arrives at Lenoir Hall 1  FOOD SERVICES
04/05/1985CGC nixes Wallace's appeal 1  FOOD SERVICES
09/16/1971Students to air food complaints 1  FOOD SERVICES
12/07/19882 local pizza 6  FOOD SERVICES
09/05/1978Food opinions sought 1  FOOD SERVICES
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