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04/13/1998FAA critical of airport's new policy 1  FLOYD, ELSON
04/24/1998W. Michigan might pick Floyd for post 1  FLOYD, ELSON
08/23/1995Hooker creates new position 3A  FLOYD, ELSON
01/14/1998UNC seeks outside help to solve police problems 1  FLOYD, ELSON
11/19/1997Technology leaders leave University posts 1  FLOYD, ELSON
11/07/1996Vice chancellor addresses Employee Forum 2  FLOYD, ELSON
11/13/1997Who's in charge? 1  FLOYD, ELSON
09/07/1995Floyd introduced at employee forum 3  FLOYD, ELSON
11/07/1997Grievance procedure needs study, some say 3  FLOYD, ELSON
05/29/1997Floyd: Position won't affect SBP 1  FLOYD, ELSON
01/10/1997Town loses revenue from Inn tax policy 3  FLOYD, ELSON
01/24/2000Naming who could be next 1  FLOYD, ELSON
02/26/1998Plan for UNC Web page facelift touts technology 1  FLOYD, ELSON
04/02/1998UNC official considers post in Kentucky 3  FLOYD, ELSON
04/10/2000Floyd top candidate for Florida presidency 1  FLOYD, ELSON
10/27/1995Floyd excited About working with Hooker 3  FLOYD, ELSON
04/06/1998Floyd makes decision to stay in Chapel Hill 1  FLOYD, ELSON
06/12/1997Athletics director search might come to conclusion soon 1  FLOYD, ELSON
11/06/1997Floyd discusses police, grievances 1  FLOYD, ELSON
02/07/1996Vice Chancellor Search Continues, Floyd Says 2  FLOYD, ELSON
04/27/1998Floyd accepts W. Michigan president's post 1  FLOYD, ELSON
09/20/1995Vice chancellor search to conclude this fall 3  FLOYD, ELSON
02/10/1998Higher learning 1  FLOYD, ELSON
04/04/2008Floyd not interested in UNC's top job 1  FLOYD, ELSON