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09/18/2000Residents Make Sweep of Area Creeks, Rivers 1  FLOODING
09/18/2003UNC planning normal schedule 1  FLOODING
07/04/2013Chapel Hill mops up after flash flood 7  FLOODING
07/18/2013UNC buildings still cleaning up after flood 3  FLOODING
07/25/2013County families, businesses to receive post-flooding aid 3  FLOODING
08/19/2013Summer flooding strains library's drainage system 6  FLOODING
...Repairs still underway after flood damage 13  FLOODING
08/20/2013Local businesses reopen after flood 4  FLOODING
08/23/2013Some County Families Await Flood Relief 1  FLOODING
09/26/2013Ed: Flood assurance 10  FLOODING
09/30/1942Graham Memorial flooded by unconnected radiators 1  FLOODING
09/30/1949Editorial: Break the bottleneck [flooding in Graham) 2  FLOODING
08/29/1995UNC tries to fix damage 4  FLOODING, 1995
...Granville evacuees suprised 4  FLOODING, 1995
09/05/1995SRC still closed, damage estimated at $70,000 3  FLOODING, 1995
08/28/1995UNC, town reeling from floodwaters 1  FLOODING, 1995
08/29/1995Cleaning up after the flood 1  FLOODING, 1995
08/30/1995SRC shut due to flooding 1  FLOODING, 1995
08/31/1995A flood of preparedness 16  FLOODING, 1995
07/27/2000Rainfall Causes Localized Floods 1  FLOODING, CHAPEL HILL
09/04/2001Drainage problems continue 3  FLOODING, CHAPEL HILL
01/18/2001Report outlines ways to prevent future flooding 3  FLOODING, CHAPEL HILL
08/22/2000Town Dips Into Budget for Flooding Repairs 11a  FLOODING, CHAPEL HILL
08/19/2000Heavy Rain Causes Localized Flooding 2a  FLOODING, CHAPEL HILL
08/25/2000Eastgate Shops Start to Rebuild 1  FLOODING, CHAPEL HILL
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