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10/13/1997Dowtown fires linked to recycling 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
11/24/2003Fire singes Airport Road home 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/29/2004Fire chars home of 6 UNC students 2  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
03/22/2004Saturday fire damages unit in local apartment complex 3  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
05/27/2004Fire lights up Franklin St. 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
10/04/2004Breadmen's suffers damage from fire saturday morning 3  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
10/12/2011Fire department committed to safety education 9  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
04/12/2011Fire uproots Greek students 3  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
12/05/2011Town pushes to prevent holiday fires 5  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
07/15/201024 displaced by fire 4  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
03/25/2010On their feet 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
03/02/2010Students' home destroyed in Church Street fire 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
09/05/2012Injured firefighter back in action after house fire 5  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
12/13/1929Another House burned on old Fraternity Row 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/08/1930Students freed from blame for Christmas Fire 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
10/11/1930Students turn firemen saving Abernethy home 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/22/1930Boney's report clears Chi Psi 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/24/1930Editorial: the Chi Psi Fire investigation 2  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/31/1930Cafeteria suffers little damage in early morning fire 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/31/2013Cause of fire remains unknown 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
01/17/1919Campus fire destroys fraternity buildings -- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi, Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu -- Cause of fire is unknown 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
03/24/1964Arson Suspected In Phi Delt Fire 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
04/04/1964Kappa Sigma Burns - $50,000 Damage 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
04/05/1964Investigation Of Fires Still In Progress 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
04/29/1964Charged With Arson, Barton Out On Bond 1  FIRES, CHAPEL HILL
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