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02/25/1997Candle pinpoint as probable fire cause 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
05/23/1996Friends, Family remember loved ones 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/28/1986Officials set off by fire-alarms 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/05/1992Burnt popcorn cause of latest dormitory alarm 3  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/11/1989Fire damages construction supplies 3  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/07/1975Arson suspected in fraternity fires 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
12/02/1976Brothers optimistic despite damage 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
03/20/1997Aldermen require sprinklers for future fraternity houses 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
02/12/1997Judge dismisses charges in UNC couch burning 2  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
05/02/2000City strives for fire safety 5  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
08/19/1996Friends, Family remember 5 lives cut short by tragedy 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
04/08/1997Kingswood tenants adjust to life after blaze 3  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
05/23/1996Town's Sprinkler Bill introduced in State Legislature 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
04/21/20034 bars mihgt have to install sprinklers 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
08/23/1999Up From The Ashes 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
01/20/1977Frat, prevention 3  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/31/1996Student hospitalized in chemical explosion 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
02/03/2003Security steps up after arsons 3  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
03/29/2000Editorial: Burning for action 14  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
03/04/1997Realtors face gripes about maintenance 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
02/24/1997Resident: fire began when candle toppled 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
03/01/2000Editorial: Federal Lifesavers 12  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/10/1975Security tightened at Sigma Nu and DKE 1  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
10/23/2001Parties eschew blame for fire 3  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
08/22/1996Editorial: [Article misleading about role of alcohol in frat fire] 12  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
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