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10/10/1996Sprinkler funds to be spread thin across state 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
11/11/1996Council to vote on sprinklers 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
11/12/2003Sprinkler glitch floods Winston 2  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
10/04/2010Smoke damage, no injuries reported in Kenan Labs fire 3  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
11/17/2010Fire traced to ex-boyfriedn 3  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
04/12/2011Fire uproots Greek students 3  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
09/17/1938Playmaker's theater to be rebuilt by January; Fire precautions toi be taken - Bynum to be used temporarliy as headquarters 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
10/03/1929Fire Chief warns of fire dangers 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
10/11/1930Students turn firemen saving Abernethy home 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
01/11/1930Op. Ed: Playing with matches 2  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
01/22/1930Boney's report clears Chi Psi 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
01/31/1930Cafeteria suffers little damage in early morning fire 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
02/05/1930Fire threatens Tau Epsilon Phi house 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
01/17/1919Campus fire destroys fraternity buildings -- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi, Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu -- Cause of fire is unknown 1  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
01/08/2008Fires kill 2, displace residents 7  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
02/13/2008Alumni center fire damaged kitchen and stove 3  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
10/15/2013Ed: This is not a drill 8  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS
01/08/2014False alarm fines to begin this year 9  FIRE, FIRE ALARMS