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04/20/2001Courage ready to make history 1  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
11/09/1992Tar Heels lose ACC field hockey crown for 1st time 12  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
11/19/2010Drazdowski teaches on and off the field 7  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
10/26/1941Three Coeds Make All-State Team 3  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
07/11/2013Four field hockey freshman make US team 5  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
10/22/2007Unbeaten and On Top 12  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
10/30/2007Tar Heels march into history 9  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
11/08/2013North Carolina storms back to defeat Wake Forest 9  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
09/08/2014Field hockey upends Maryland again 9  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM
11/23/1992Same Old, same Old [Dominion] in hockey 10  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM '92
11/20/1992Final 4 time for UNC squads [field hockey, soccer] 5  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM '92
11/12/19933 nonrevenue teams begin NCAA tournament play this weekend 5  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM '93
...10 reasons to see UNC-JMU spar in field hockey 5  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM '93
11/04/1985Dominates ACC tourney 1  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1975
10/30/1989UNC sticks Maryland for ACC title 12  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1989
11/20/1989UNC women win pair of NCAA titles 10  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1989
11/29/1989For UNC's new champs, it's party... 7  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1989
11/17/1989Looking to net national championship 5  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1989
11/13/1990Field Hockey team outguns UCONN in NCAA 12  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1990
11/19/1990ODU stuns UNC for NCAA title 12  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1990
11/18/1991North Carolina squads advance to Final Four 10  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1991
11/25/1991The thrill of de feet and the agony of hockey 10  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1991
11/15/1993Hockey headed to Piscataway 12  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1993
11/19/1993Hockey looks to snag elusive national title 7  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1993
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