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11/23/1992Students deliver petition to BOT 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/24/1992Ferguson case should keep graduates away (letter) 8  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/16/1992Op.Ed: Time for action: Students must rally behind 9  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/17/1992Ferguson supporters rally, plan meeting with Hardin 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/23/1992Ferguson appeal to continue 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
03/17/19926 instructors finalists for teaching honors 3  FERGUSON, PAUL
12/04/1992Ferguson: Chairman destroyed evidence 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
03/26/1992Teaching award winners announced 2  FERGUSON, PAUL
12/07/1992Editorial: Welcome to 'Tenuregate' 8  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/10/1992Students fighting for UNC speech professor 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
12/07/1992Students ask Hardin to 'rescue' Ferguson 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
02/03/1993Editorial: Tenure battle reparations 8  FERGUSON, PAUL
12/09/1992Ferguson to file appeal by Friday; BOT mum 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/20/1992Ferguson supporters present concerns to . . . 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/24/1992Faculty to give Ferguson appeal more discussion 3  FERGUSON, PAUL
10/10/1995Performance class lets students act out poetry, prose writings 3  FERGUSON, PAUL
12/01/1992Ferguson decision expected this week 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/23/1992Op.Ed: Examining Paul Ferguson's influence. . . 9  FERGUSON, PAUL
11/30/1992Ferguson case gets second hearing 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
03/17/1992Love of learning inspires. . . 3  FERGUSON, PAUL
12/09/1992Editorial: Tenuregaters: Resign yourselves to change 10  FERGUSON, PAUL
04/17/2009Lecture to focus on early dreams 1  FERGUSON, PAUL
04/20/2009Ferguson gives 'last lecture' 1  FERGUSON, PAUL